Conding Land V2

This huge event is organized by ESEN Microsoft Club , ISAMM Microsoft Club and TEKUP Microsft Club and don't forget this event will start saturday on the third of December at 12h in Technopole Manouba. You're more than welcome to come so go ahead and sign.

After Coding land's first version's huge success, we can only be proud to announce the launching of its second version! Get ready everyone! It is going to be even better on so many levels!
Coding Land is a 24-hours event where you can have the opportunity to gain a widescale knowledge about any subject that concerns technology.
Three main conferences are to be held in this event:
  • Magic of the Blockchain
  • How initiate an e-commerce project?
  • Big Data
Surely, you are not going to spend 24 hours just listening to the speaker and less-likely falling asleep, definitely NOT!
So, what else are we going to do? We can only say: The best part is yet to come!

This is your time to shine and get creative! Be part of WORKSHOPS and MOBILE DEVELOPMENT CHALLENGE where you can have the chance to work in groups and learn team spirit, exchange your information, explore new techniques that will allow to challenge your capability and develop a magnificent mobile application. Do not worry, we are going to provide help when needed..
Wonderful surprises are waiting for the winners!
This event is organized by EMC "Esen Microsoft Club ", IMC "Isamm Microsoft Club" and "TEKUP MC". It will take place on Saturday, December the third at 12:30am in Technopole Manouba.
All of you are more than welcome to come and be part of our adventure!
What are you waiting for?
GO ahead and sign in.
To benefit from the Workshop and the challenge, please, kindly register by creating a team of a maximum of 3 individuals. Bear in mind that the most important awards are assigned for the top 3 winners.
Registration fee: 15DT per person (Only for the challenge)

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Posted: Thu, November 24, 2016