We are glad to have such an amazing leaders in our community.


Hafedh Yahmadi

Independant ICT Specialist with IFES

My career to date has prepared me for most ICT (Telecommunication and Software) strategy focused roles. With an International engineering experience in ICT business development. I have always been passionate about helping people be successful in the community and have done so successfully in the past years with startups and new entrepreneurs.


Marwen Boughattas

Engineer - Finaxys

Computer Science Engineer, MCP passionated by new technologies. MSP since 2008, the Microsoft Community Leader since 2009 and the MSP Champ of Tunisia for 2010


Ahmed Kaddour

Account Technology Strategist - Microsoft

Passionné par le cloud computing et open source, avec +5 ans d'expérience dans le cloud computing, le développement de logiciels, la gestion de projet, infrastructure et relations avec les développeurs et les professionnels de l'IT.


Slim Arfaoui

UX Designer at TrueVision 3D Surgical

MSP Community Lead 2012



Microsoft Solutions Developer - Cloudisia

Microsoft Solutions Developer and Evangelist Actually working with @Cloudisia, Living in @Paris and a huge @RealMadrid Fan


Houssem Dellai

Application Development Lead - Intilaq

Microsoft MVP. I write articles and develop open source software in C#, Xamarin, WP8 and Windows 8. I give training sessions and speak about MS technologies.



Ceo Founder - Evento

Founder @evunto | Former DX Intern @microsoft | @Imaginecup 2013 | #MSP | Software Engineer | #Startup



Principal Technical Evangelist - Microsoft

A self-critical person who sets high standards for himself and others and consistently drives for improvements.


Khaled JEMNI

Global Domains Consultant - Microsoft

Mobile developer, published native applications on the 3 stores, but I'm passionate about Azure and Windows 10. Feel free to contact me I speak 4 languages.


Chourouk HJAIEJ

MVP Azure & Microsoft Certified Trainer

Azure is my big passion • Coffee is my fuel • Travel is my lifestyle • Friends and parents are my all.



.NET Developer - Cloudisia

Former MSP Tunisia Community Lead.


Mahdi Njim

CTO at

I built many distributed architectures, I'm a Microsoft certified professional and I work currently on cloud computing. I worked as project manager and architect in many projects, I have an experience with agile development and scrum. Specialties: Managing projects and creating simple and suitable solutions


Rabeb Othmani

Software Engineer chez MixRadio

Rabeb is a software engineer with five years of experience building mobile and desktop applications while focusing on producing rich user experience. She is experienced at analysis and design of databases and user interfaces, agile working within an agile environment. She also has experience and knowledge of software design methodologies, object oriented design, and software design patterns applied to enterprise software. She is highly adaptable in quickly changing technical environments with very strong organizational and analytical skills. Rabeb is passionate about cutting edge technologies and the impact technology has on people. She also advocates to bring more women into engineering and coding. She believes in the potential of women to deal with the hardest challenges and shine in all fields.